EPS of $0.8 beat estimates of $0.66 and revenues of $2.0B beat estimates of $1.91B. EPS increased by 43% against the prior year, and revenues increased by 18% against the previous year. Its increase in revenues were driven by strong market conditions in all of its regions, backlog deliveries, and its earnings growth is attributable to its growth in sales. The majority of its sales are derived from Canada, and these grew by 15% for the quarter, driven by product support and increased new equipment and rental revenues. Its South American operations grew by 20% as a result of new equipment sales, largely from a 66% increase in mining deliveries in Chile. Management expects demand to continue to be strong throughout the remainder of 2022 with a large backlog, growth in product support, and good execution of its strategy. With FTT trading at a cheap valuation, and offering a dividend yield of 3.2%, we think things look fine here. (5iResearch)