The Dolly Varden deal can be a major addition to Fury's treasury in 2022.  IF predictions are on track Fury will most likely see a doubling of PPS of the Dolly Varden shares held by Fury.  The highly prospective program of the undrilled area between DV & Homestake should bring cores that contain high ore content in both AU & AG.  The Golden Triangle has real intense investor interest driving any ore rich cores at meters depth drilled in this unexplored region between DV & Homestake.   If DV shares were to double ($100 million + Fury share value), the share profits would fund ALL of Fury's drill programs >largely expanding resources at Eau Claire, Eleonore South & especially a thorough, productive exploration of Committee Bay.  Dilution would be nil.  The entire company would be primed for a high value take over/ sale of assets refected in the PPS.