Mat: I agree with you! I think that it will just take some time for the dust to settle. I anticipate that there will be some further unit price weakness in the days ahead - cuz when the PMZ.un units show up in people's accounts starting tomorrow, I expect there will be a lot of dumping going on by some uninformed investors. The management of PMZ have already covered their butts legally by stating that their blackout period has been delayed to 15 Jan and they have already announced their intentions to buy units personally at currently discounted prices. I am pleased that as of this moment, my combined holdings of HR and PMZ are a bit (2.4%) higher than the 31 Dec close of my HR position. I anticipate further improvent in the near future. Cheers!

materialsgirl wrote: Me too, to some degree.

Nonetheless there was no recent news about the split.
It has been known for weeka or months exactly when and how 
the split woud happen.

The creation of 2 companies has just happened but all 
details were well broadcast in advance, hence no news

Combined we are trading at about $16.50 per HR share.

A big yawn I suppose.

I feel 100% certain that this was the right thing to do and 
that we will all benefit as the year unfolds.