Glad you enjoyed my mellow response! When I was a youngster, a wise old guy told me "As you age you mellow ... cuz you get too old to fight and too fat to run". Since I'm not very fat, I guess I must be too old! LOL!

At present, I have no plan to dump my HR.un holding (currently $175k) despite my misgivings about their special distribution shenanigans and the likelihood of a repeat performance over the next few years. I wish that my holding was inside my RRSP, but it isn't ... so that is that.

I added some PMZ.un to the spin-off units when it was trading below $13 earlier this week. I anticipated price recovery would begin a few months down the road. Surprised to see +4% on Thursday and Friday. I guess the panic sellers have exhausted their supply, and the value buyers are moving the buy/sell frontier. At present, I'm holding $113k of PMZ.un.

I have no plan to sell or to add any more to either position at present. I am content to sit back and see what unfolds. I note that the original HR.un units plus the spin-off PMZ.un units have gained $6.6k in the 2 weeks since 31 Dec. (measured against the HR.un value on that date). So they are headed in the right direction.


my2pennies wrote: CSC, I really like your calm reponse to a such a silly question. Most accountants don't have a clue about this stuff unless they are specialized. Everyday that goes by SH is becoming more of an intellectual wasteland of unhelpful comments.

Also, are you holding long on HR? That's my plan for now. I'll be dumping my PMZ when it seems to the be most oportunistic time to reinvest it back in into HR (currently monitoring it daily). I'm banking on the fact people will continue to think PMZ is a "good deal" and drive the price up to about $14-ish in the short term. My plans was to dump PMZ on opening day but TD took forever to get me my shares and I missed the window.
CanSiamCyp wrote: Not an accountant - just a DIY investor with a large and diverse portfolio which has presented many twists and turns over time. So I have learned from experience and am happy to share. If people appreciate the share - well and good! If not, they are free to put me on ignore. No sweat!

bttmfischer wrote: I asked this before, are you an accountant? Anyway I found that even the CRA isn't always
100% sure about the handling of T3's contents.