IMHO - HUT 8 (TSE: HUT | HUT: NASDAQ) Will Next Week on Earnings! They came out with pre earnings great news that they mined more #BTC than expected and projections also looked better, so banking on a HUGE week for $HUT next week & think the stock could hit $50 next week with their announcement that they now have over 4,100 #BTC! 
And with over 4,100 #BTC now on their balance sheet, making them MUCH MORE profitable and they just previously invested in additional mining equipment plus their expectations are higher for mining for next quarter, and more then they expected! I would imagine that would transalate into a #BlowoutEarnings Report next week and look out for a HUGE JUMP on HUT 8 to continue SKYROCKETING next week
This is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G news and should carry over into earnings next week, and not the type where "you buy on rumour and sell on news", this company is profitable and could see them starting to issue dividends, and continue to grow into a MASSIVE miner & holder of Bitcoin! 

See their PR News Release pre Earnings Here!

If #BTC stays above $40K (and certainly if it hits $60K again, or even $100K as some analysts are calling for, HUT 8, could be a $100-$200 stock within months #RideTheWave! #WeHeartBitcoin 

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