Let's not forget that WFG just made a massive SIB and paid $95 us.

It would be very unlilely that Jimmy and the Ketcham agrees to a $100 us offer.

I agree, if WFG were to be taken over it would have to be at a much higher price.

Can you imagine Norbord gone, Resolute gone and if West Fraser was gone,

It would leave only Canfor and Interfor as major Canadian lumber players.

Plus the fact that all lumber company are buying back thei own shares.

Scarcity of stocks will be a big factor going forward.It's always a matter

of supply and demand.

Another thing, IFP in their latest NCIB paid and average of $37.60 for the 6 million shares.

They paid as much as $41.74.So why haven't they initiated a 200 million SIB and why as Canfor

stop buying in July?

Again, i may be seeing things that are not there.But i seems very odd to me.

IFP surely knows that if they were to initiate a 200 million$ SIB, it would put an even bigger target on their back.

In any event, Yesterday's news on WFG just put a big sale board on lumber company