I agree, I think if WFG is taken out or even if they reject Kronospan's attempt to acquire them, that should increase the value for IFP and CFP.

The short-term may be cloudy with negative real estate numbers, inflation, interest rates, gas prices, Ukraine, etc. but for the medium to long-term, North America needs wood to take care of the under-supply of homes.

Let's also remember Ian Fillinger and Rick Possebon of IFP just recently bought shares.  Rick bought over $500k at roughly $33 per shares which shows strong conviction.

I think they want to hold off on the SIB to show they're being prudent going into the reporting season (next week and week after) but they'll tell investors it's on the table.

CFP may have stopped purchasing stock because in the past, when they were about to curtail operations, they would usually stop the buyback for optics reason (i.e. we're laying off our BC employees and using our cash to buy back shares doesn't look the best).  If CFP is smart though, they'd go after CFP to create a powerhouse to compete against WFG/Kronospan.