On June 6th, i noticed the unusual activity going on with RFP.

Now,what i don't understand is the decision making at Canfor.

At June 30th, they had $1.534 billion in cash,only $249 milion in LT debt and a book value of $34.44

They were buying under their NCIB like a clockwork in May and June.Since then zero buying.

OK, they announced $210 million for a new facilty in Alabama, but it will leave them with way to

much cash on the balance sheet.

Interfor would be a great fit geographically and would be highly accretive.

IFP actual EV is $1.88billion.Tackle a 30% premium and you get to $2.4Billion.
A 40% premium would cost CFP $2.7B

That is not even taking in consideration $520M lumber duty deposit of IFP and the $125 to $200m
coastal land value estimated to be sold over the next 18 months.

Let say that one day, we get a resolution on duty and IFP gets 80% back and let say we take the mid point for the coastal sale and apply a 25% tax rate,we them get a EV of $1.45B for Interfor.

That is less than what Canfor as cash on hands.Absolutly insane

What will be CFP next move?

Once again as a IFP long term shareholder, i may be seeing things that does not exist but it would 
really make sense to combine these 2 company together.