You may be right Apaulson.

But i wonder if regulators would permit the number 1(WFG) acquire the number 4 (IFP)
north american lumber producer

Maybe with a few divestiture.

While i see absolutly no problem combining the number 3 (CFP) with Interfor.

If i was on Canfor board, i would recommend waitin after the IFP SIB(Sept. 2nd)
 and go after IFP.

Time will tell but Canfor will have to do something with this 1.5 billion in cash.

And Interfor can't stay forever at these half priced valuation bases on replacement cost of there

Last night,West Fraser annonced another permanent closure of mill capacity.these closure equat
to more than one new mills.

These guys are disciplined like never before.

This is good news for long term investors like me.