Ivq got the virus problem under control quickly....from 700 cases back in may to 38 today even as nationwide cases are skyrocketing. And yet occupancy rates continue to decline...from around 91% in may to 80% now even with the vaccine. Why? Because mom and pop dont want to go there. They are afraid and prefer to stay in their appartments or with family. This is a fundamental shift in social behavior. The past 20 years has seen a massive buildout of seniors residences and long term care facilities to accomodate the aging baby boomers. I cant drive thru any neighbourhood without seeing huge brand new seniors facilities springing up like weeds.The CEO of ivq recently stated he sees no improvement in the "foreseeable future". This spells disaster for the sector..billions and billions have been spent on these facilities. Steadily declining occupancy rates is not a viable scenario as these new facilities are financed to the hilt. I used to have a number of senior living investments...seemed like a bulletproof sector to invest in with assured payouts for many years to come. Then came covid. Mercifully i sold them alll last year except for ivq. I wouldnt go near them unless i see this trend reverse