Electrum77 wrote:
ES: Hello?
Operator: Mr. Sprott, good afternoon. Please note Robert the Great is attempting to connect. Please provide the password for the secure line.
ES: *Sigh* Copper is King.
Operator: Thank you. Please standby.
7 minutes later…
RF: E-Unit! Long time… How are those Golden Years treating you?
ES: Doing well Bobby, gold making a move here…
RF: Dr. Copper as well! Got you peeking at your hole card regarding our wager. 
ES: If Trump wasn’t using gallons of bronzer daily, demand and price would be way down.
RF: Good thing I have all sorts of supply coming online. Catch my IVN news release? All those large pictures were included just for you. Should have held onto your KL stake…
ES: Whatever, this is far from over. Just spoke with Jimmy P. over at Aben who is warming up some high grade fastballs and Brad over at Canarc is about to go prospecting for a Blackwater at Windfall Hills and a Meadowbank/Meliadine at Hard Cash.
RF: Interesting.  Kaizen’s Pinaya project will soon be coming to a theater near you… Step out drilling completed, one news release from officially making my entrance into your hemisphere E!
ES: Africa running out of land or you running from the Chinese Kung Flu?
RF: Healthy as an elephant E! Better get that Bonterra situation sorted, going to need all the help you can get! Your prospecting shotgun blasts are no match for my long range, high powered resource sniper rifle. Auryn has been most helpful in dialing in the sights.
ES: Surprised you even let anyone give it a trial. 
RF: A bet is a bet E! I’m not rolling into Peru naked. Maybe one day you will appreciate a form of preparation other than Preparation H.  
ES: And maybe one day you and Gianni can go frolic in coppertopia. 
RF: Don’t forget all the PGE’s I’m bringing to the world E, green metals are the future! Watch my interview with my future exclusive employee Rick Rule at the Symposium. I might even let you buy into the next IVN private placement if you ask nicely…
ES: The only thing I’m interested in giving you capital for is a lifetime supply of masks.
RF: Mongolian and Congo Life E, Natural Immunity!
ES: Great. 
RF: Make sure you tune in for my presentation, I may or may not be wearing pants.
ES: Lovely.
RF: Enjoy the applesauce!

Electrum, take your dumba$$ videos back to the btr forum where they belong you fkn hillbilly retard.