Archer Green will be launching due to demand another phase in the upcoming weeks.
The detached home sites upslope should be coming on as well. (65 lots)
From the Dec. 22 council meeting, the Central neighbourhood planning continues with more public meetings coming in the next 2 months.
Why Is this noteworthy? The summary below has the numer of units from this phase at over 10,000 doors. If they clear 100k a door, it is over a billion. 500 million to MPC.
My guess on Archer Green is much higher per door. With closings happening in Q4, we might see some better JV data.

Please see below for a summary of housing and mix data: Housing Type Units Percentage Single Family 1809 18% Townhouse 5326 53% Apartment 2914 29% Total 10050 100% Single family consists of Rural, Estate, and Urban; Townhouse consist of strata townhouse, fee simple row-homes, and/or ground oriented developments; and Apartment consists of strata apartments and Mixed-Use developments.