That is the density of the 1800 acre Central neighborhood. 
The OCP was text amended last night in a quick meeting. 
Unanimous council support. 
Some people think Grippo is impatient and will take GVC private. No so.
This took 66 years. The last plan that was defeated (run by Genstar) was at public meetings in 2002.
The land value is on the books at 1966 prices give or take.
An early meeting with Fraser Health had the comment that they expect construction in the next 2 years.
Result, MPC has one of the largest OCP approved land banks I can recall. Price baked into the share price, probably a buck.
It's rare you can get an idea that will play out over the next generation with high certainty.
I continue to add when any supply is available. 
Underlying operations continue to generate increasing cash flows with increasing rents.
We could see an earlier catalyst, this project will be huge. And huge cash will be needed to fund infrastructure. 
Polygon has mega cash, so zero issue for them.
Mpc may need to piece off something to totally hang in.