@Tradeahead  Guess you have not figured out yet, that 50,40% of NVOs market cap is in fact NFG+cash. That realization may happen anytime. And when you do realize this, consider the monstrous undervaluation of the 49,6% of NVOs cap, that encompasses a full gold district in WA, complete with mill, and 28 targets trading almost for free at a ridiculous <200M. Then figure out how much that will be revalued in a gold bull market.
I have chosen to invest in NFG primarily via NVO, and I stand by that decision, as the one I expect the superior outcome from. I have not 1, but 2 DISTRICT-SCALE drivers of revaluation in NVO. And superior information, due to QH being on the board. Which explodes up in value first???? NVO-NFG or NVO-WA???? In both cases I win.