Dear Mr. Bucco,
thank you for your candidature as a substitute for Tavi. Unfortunately we have to decline your candidature because we don´t employ self declared analysts without reputation/education (and no, a recommendation on a coaster from a drinking buddy is not a substitute for a business diploma). Please distance yourself bothering us any longer (by the way I´ve heard Italy seeks a new prime minister, Draghi wants to quit and to be frank you could´nt make it worse anyway so take your chance here). Henry, Tavi and I nearly suffocated reading your candidature, Thank god no one was seriously injured, Henry´s stomach is still hurting and Tavis lips turn from blue to normal again. Reading your contributions on stockhouse makes me think your last employer is right, you are worse than a abscess on the butt. Farther we wish you lots of success being a paid troll at stockhouse etc.