New shares were issued at 2.32$, according to calculation of numbers announced.

Q3 2020 earnings estimate is 2 cent loss per share and will be confirmed on July 17.

Average of 4 analysts estimate 2 cent loss per share for the next 4 quarters.

Insiders bought in April at 2.17$ with stock options. Last Insider sale was August 2019 at 6.79$,
according to INK reports with TD Waterhouse.

However, if you backcheck most SP500 companies, Insiders have all been selling since February and CURIOUSLY a few weeks before the Covid-19 crash. What did they know that maybe we don't even know yet ?

Mr, Retail getting screwed again. The only way to survive is to trust the 50 day moving average on any stock. 

OGI will be a sell next week as the SP500 will fall below 3000 since we will be all be back under 
quarantine soon,

Stay safe and wear a mask at all times outside. (and keep 14 days of food at home in case you become too sick to leave your home.)

OGI will be a buy when they annouce a vaccine.............