hi all,  Today was a big day as i made a mjor shift in my portfolio to this massive dividend that pays .16 cents a share on the OSP.P.PA ticker. This is your last day to register and to take advantage of any profits and shift to this amazing dividend. Now, this fund pays also quartly and at this price is a fantastic opportunity. You will get paid cash next month and you could also purchase the class A shares. I like this investment as the perfered shares pay no matter what happens in the markets. We come first and that is a safe bet going into the this wild summer. Remember this is an OIL play and i just made a big shift to protect my investments. This payout is the best right not and is very high. For those of you who follow me i just placed my order and will be loading up today only to register. I started last week on Friday and closed what i could at the market price.  Here is the link for those of you who want to see more on the payout  https://www.bromptongroup.com/product/brompton-oil-split-corp/?ticker=preferred-share,  again buy the perferred shares as the payout is this QTR and you will get the money on July.15th.  Also, with what just happened with Russia on the missle attacks and Joe Biden looking for help on the oil reserves to produce more. This is going to get interesting with Russia especialy when we get into fall and GAS prices for the winter.  cheers.