Yes and you are a talker. 

Why you are doing it on this board is a mystery. 

Some perceived slight from years ago I suspect.

Usually a before and after comparison would include the before and after of both companies but I am guessing that that didn't make your comparrison look as good.

Anyway, thanks for wasting your time.  

Please be a stranger.

GLTA Longs

uncutgems wrote: I watch companies over the LONG TERM. I cut through the Promotional BS that most retail punters Salivate over. Like SA conference calls from promotional CEOS.

I like SIMPLE CONCEPTS that are easy for retailers to grasp.

Here's one. 

Before the downturn 

Peyto was prodcuing about 100k boe/d.
Tourmaline was producing about 250k boe/d.

Let's look at what these companies did to change their corproate TRAJECTORY and ability to create value.

Peyto today is producting a shade over 100k boe/d. it's mix of liquids to gas has NOT CHANGED.

Tourmaline today is producing 500k/boe/d. 5x what Peyto is. It has raised it's liquids ratio to around 22% from around 15%.

there are TALKER and DOERS.

which company CEO actually creates value and which company CEO talks about it?

Which kind of CEO runs YOUR company?