Jacques4444, beginning to think this sequence of events was planned as well. Why would they spend $350M over past 3 years and not hire a protein experienced CMC consultant in 2015? Why did they not spend the extra few million to do randomized double blind clinical trials for one of the 4050 trials for IPF, Alstrom or Metabolic Syndrome? Why was there not a single inquiry to the extensive well heeled presidents lists in Quebec, Toronto and Vancouver on doing a private placement last year or early this year during all of these “special” meetings? Pritchard saying that they didn’t think it would work is so pathetic. It would take less than a week to gauge interest and appetite but he wanted to go along with Thomson to continue his pay cheque. Why did Ken Galbraith not buy s single share during 2016/2017/2018 as a board member? So many questions with so many weak answers. It’s quite obvious why they didn’t have a webcast / teleconference as they didn’t want to sound ridiculous and illogical to the greater investment community who could easily listen in.
Jacques4444 wrote: 1st: put the cie on hold, wait, wait and wait, create an financial emergency and finally get 85% of the cie at 0$ cost, done/check. 2nd: get millions (38) from us at 0$ cost, done/check 3rd: get more cash flow with a 15$/s (1000/1 RS) IPO on Nasdaq at 0$ cost, almost done  4th: to help the IPO , publish a good news or 2 before it goes on Nasdaq 5th: starting the same strategy ,  wait, wait and wait the much possible BEFORE any more good news, stall the FDA and clinic conclusion, 6th: Wait for the share to go down the drain on Nasdaq mid-2020 (5$ ? = 0,005$ ) and bring the Cie  private and offer to buy all shares '' generosely''  on Nasdaq for a big 100% more (10$ = 0,01$ X 1000/1)) . Finally, 7th:  MAKING billions and billions starting in 2021.