Hugo1947 wrote: Personally the retrial of the old law suit is a red herring. I think there are more and more people coming to realize the new law suit is just a delay tactic by PwC to delay having to pay up the $500K they lost in their ridicuous law suit. Perpertual won in court hands down. When it goes to the Supreme Court I believe they will confirm their win and throw out the Alberta appeal decision. The appeal decision has been what is keeping the stock down, but I think more are realizing  with the evidence that was originally presented, that Perpetual will win and the appeal decision will be thrown out. When that happens there will be nothing to hold back this stock from it's true value.

I am not sure what you're smoking - PWC has won every case at the.court of Appeal and the Supreme. Court of Canada.. i suggest you do your research before spouting nonsensical opinions.