There is little doubt in my mind that Wilan and Apple are talking, and probably that talk goes beyond the Stanwood IP. While it has gone largely under-reported, the Wilan sub has gone from a USA-focused, one-trick pony 10 years ago to a major worldwide IP player, especially in the wireless and semiconductor spaces. I'm 100% certain that Apple sees global license demands from Wilan for its IP in jurisdictions where IP enforcement is less slanted towards efficient infringers such as Apple and with injunctive relief. There is a potential elephant in the room: Apple will start to make their own chip in the very near future. Wilan has assembled a world class global IP arsenal in the semiconductor space, which might mean that Apple is facing the prospect of staring down the barrel of a gun. Furthermore, while the CXMT deal announced in Dec-19 is a start, it points to the possibility of Wilan establishing a presence and strong connections in China. If I were Apple, these are development that I would have to consider. The damages award of USD $85M may represent the catalyst to get theses issues to the table. JMHO