Last time nickel was at this price sherritt stock was between $5 and $6. So what are we hoping for here? Nickel goes to $14....I guess sherritt will probably go to 80 cents. Pumping 80 million to do upgrades that probably could have waited for years. This company doesn't care about stakeholders. They're like a mismanaged household....earning peanuts but get a million dollar house and two new BMWs in the driveway just for show all on credit. Get ur financial house in order first please....80 million wtf. What are they doing rebuilding half the mine so it looks nice??? It's operating at capacity as it is isn't it? In the past couple of years or so they've spent many millions upgrading to a state of the art IT system, a new acid plant, and recently a fleet of bran new electric vans for thier supervisors. Oh they're such a wonderful company. I guess they're not familiar with the word PROFIT.