included the link to the new legislation, which does not appear punitive for for-profit operators.  Details new funding for LTC including:

  • $270 million in 2021-22
  • $673 million in 2022-23
  • $1.25 billion in 2023-24
  • $1.82 billion in 2024-25
the increased staffing and care hours per day per resident will be rolled out for 2021/22 by end of March 2022.  

here is press release from ONT government.

however, the drumbeat of those opposed to for-profit homes continues, but it is unreaslistic to believe the federal government can mandate a move to non-profit as is all under provincial jurisdiction.  furthermore, the necessity of the public markets to fund the very real and large outlay of capital required to build the capacity for a rapidly aging population has never been greater.   THe provinces are already in bad fiscal shape and legally, it is a dog's breakfast.  IMO, these calls will die down as COVID fades.  but attached is link to one of these op-eds around the abolition of for-profit, from another group who believes growing government is a good thing (i do not).