Encouraging re: Mitch buying more stock.  If anybody has more than a few months timeline, this is a no brainer IMO.     97 percent of Ontario economy has been now almost fully open for at least 4 weeks, and no surge in cases.   Retail sales in June reached pre pandemic levels .  The market for REIT debt is orderly and debt (mortgage and corporate) is being rolled over at good rates.  

the mixed development potential for SRU in the GTA is obvious, and with immigration amplifying the density issue going forward, looks promising.  

From the CBC:

“...97 per cent of Ontario's population has been living under looser restrictions for at least four weeks, enough time for trends in new coronavirus infections to emerge.  

Despite that, the provincial average number of daily new cases has increased only slightly since early August, when the trendline hit its lowest point in months.”


“Retail sales in Canada soared 23.7 per cent in June to $53 billion, climbing above February levels for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic.”