Despite the apathy around this sector , interesting that the stock has not breached $20 to the downside since mid May.   Even with some signs of increasing cases over past 2-3 months.  Same with some of the bigger US REITS.   Tells me that most of the big selling has already taken place .  As we get closer to a vaccine (maybe November???), the flows back into this sector could be rapid.   With much of the supply having dried up, it may get interesting.  

Ontario has only 60 hospitalized with covid (15 million population ).   Gradual easing of restrictions continues.  

insider buying , good demographic trends, big discount to NAV, massive yield spread relative to treasuries and equity mkt div yield, and orderly debt markets for Larger CDN REITs .  

Today was a big rotation day but it will need to be sustained.   IMO, anybody with greater than a few months outlook will be rewarded with SRU.

good luck