Good afternoon Rebecca,
I don't mean to pester you with daily emails the last while, however I just want to ensure that I voice the severity of the immediate future after the very disappointing Q4 financial release. With the share price hanging around 9 cents we are at a pivotal moment, where I believe the necessity of transparency is critical. Mr. Tripps  previous ability to hold accountability to timelines has drastically lacked. I strongly believe that we have a great opportunity with covid testing coming in. In saying so investors need concrete numbers promptly. Not speculation, not forward looking but concrete. Including gross test processing volume from initial start of covid testing, profit margins, along with a planned timeline and capital cost  for lab expansion.
I really appreciate your response and I don't mean to be over involved but with a substantial volume of shares I feel the need to voice my opinion. I have had my doubts in executive confidence and the next few weeks will dictate my future involvement with StageZero. I have been disappointed many times but I see an immense amount of potential here and really hope that it is capitalized effectively.
Yours truly,