Good luck with TD Webbroker customer service. I called one morning last week for infos regarding the deal using their phone line

and waited 1h10min before finally hanging up. 

I then wrote them an e-mail specifying in detail my request. They answered late the next day by e-mail saying that they could

only do any changes by phone and asked that I call back, Wrote again asking that someone call me at home, Got an answer

saying they were to busy to do call backs and that I should trying calling them when the markets were closed.

I then sold Transat at a small profit and bought PayPal instead. You can't depend on TD to handle the paper work and I'm sure this deal

will be screwed up at the last minute by somebody somewhere. EU has prosponed approval again and no word from Canada. 

We had virus wave-1 and wave-2 already. January-February-March will be a tsunami......

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