Tommy123 - (6/15/2021 7:40:56 PM) 
RE:The 30 day chart is technically perfect. 

Agreed. I think we'll be back to $16 by the end of the year due to pent up demand for air travel.


Yes Tommy,

It should be remembered that the population is always increasing therefore the number of travelers is increasing. I am convinced at each next financial report Air Transat will give positive figures and the share price will continue to rise.
Immagine returned in December 2021 the airports will be full the share price will be returned + $ 15.
In early 2022, February, March the price can go up to +/- $ 20 with the population still increasing and travelers will all take a flight.
Importantly the president of Air Transat has said on television that will cut expenses to increase profit. The new management of Air Transat is wonderful and very promising all the new results will be positive.