Local resistance to the redevelopment of Glen Abbey has resulted in ClubLink cancelling its Ontario Land Tribunal hearings in August. On the surface, it looks like a win for Oakville residents. But was it?

Nowhere in the town’s push for provincial intervention were there disclosures that ClubLink had offered to donate to the town the 54% of the land that formed the local watershed of 16 Mile Creek. 

This donation would have enabled the town to control the creek’s valley from the northern border of town down to Oakville Golf Club. The existing Glen Abbey infrastructure would have opened 16 Mile Creek to nature lovers who find the entrance to the valley north of Upper Middle Road too challenging. The elderly, I’m getting close, and the handicapped. 

Is the golf course a true attraction for Oakville residents? Around 30,000 rounds of golf are played annually with most being played by guests of corporate events. I think it would be correct to say that few Oakville residents actually play the course regularly. The greens fees of $241 per round are a bit rich for most golfers. 

I am of the view a compromise should have been reached. What ClubLink asked for was too much. But what they offered was a gift to all Oakville residents.