VET and ARX while both great companies are in different places debt wise.

ARX is a quarter away from meeting its debt target and perhaps two from its debt floor.

Where as VET has already hit its debt target and is quickly approaching its debt floor.

This leaves VET in a much better position to return its massive FCF back to shareholders.

VET states om their website that they are committed to returning capital to investors.

This quarter they will have a great oppurunity to do just that.

GLTA Longs

Pandora wrote:
prested wrote: Look at the results published today by ARC Energy (T.ARX). This will be us on August 11 folks.

I see T.ARX has a 2.78% dividend payable quarterly. I see no mention of them raising that dividend for the coming quarter. Is that what you're referring to when you say "this will be us on Aug 11"? i.e. no increase in the dividend.