Having a rough day there cranky pants?

Flooding the market with O&G didn't do anything for the Canadian petroleum industry either.

These companies are just now paying down the debt they incurred while global oil and natural gas prices were at decade lows from US hyper-fracking.

Now you want to kill the goose that laid the golden egg...again?

How about we do it with great ESG and at high prices?

You know,  the VET way!


Oldnagger wrote: As anyone can plainly see, Trudeau's plan to decimate our Petroleum industry will not do one darn thing for climate change. Whatever production is lost from Canada will be easily made up by someone else. If there is not enough petroleum , then Coal will make up the difference. The entire Trudeau energy policy is nothing more than a gigantic fraud perpetrated against the Canadian people !!
I will let you dear reader figure out why !!

BTW not content to merely destroy the petroleum sector , he is now intent on destroying the agricultural sector . Similarly , food not produced in Canada will be replaced elsewhere (hopefully)

Which sector is next ? Well housing for one thing, unfortunately the only way to make up for that lack is to emigrate. ( which many now are undoutedly considering)

Here's an idea for the NDP , throw the bum out or you surely will go with him at the next elections.