Hey Lurks,

i have a very good inclination the production on the second interval was more than double the 0.8mmcf reported (due to down hole equipment issues that were stated in that release). My question is with that comingled test upcoming or currently in progress will that potentially flush out the down hole equipment issues that were incurred during the second test reducing the steady flow rate to 0.8mmcf? Or does that depend on what the equipment issues were? 

Samren as a former basher of the stock (for those that joined in the last 6 months Samren was Vikes/castle/Trake on steroids) who went silent during the run up and has now recently posted on here as a long, what was your motivation before? Or now? I'm trying to get an understanding of what you were thinking and what those other guys are thinking. It can't be just trying to Shake cheap shares out. Is it literally just trying to piss people off? No one is as stupid as Vikes, Trake and Castle so there must be more to it. Now that you seem somewhat normal give me some insight, more curious than anything else.

For those panicking over every $0.05 drop look at the following factors:

1. Great asset that is significantly de-risked
2. Excellent management team. I was super choked when Jim was hanging them up but had a chance to speak with Sean recently and we are in great hands!
3. The BCGA has been significantly de-risked and most likely already proven
4. I have been told numerous times by Sr. Management of VLE that this is material to STO. Just a guess but I don't think $1b or $2b is overly material to STO, I'm thinking higher but just one man's opinion.
5. Only 80 million shares fully diluted. If material to STO, massive and I mean f*cking massive for VLE shareholders.
6. The RA will be massive

Davie and Goldy, loving the posts. Nice to have a sense of calm during the storm when reading these boards.