If it opensup the feraderal banking system to Cannabis it will be the trigger.

That now is the one thing holding everything up.

Oldweed wrote:
TheGrapeOne wrote: It opens the finacial system to banking for Cannabis

i.e. it will trigger the deals in place and allow CGC and others to opperate in the US.

Oldweed wrote: We saw a boost in SP yesterday, but I don;t see how this helps ant of the major LPs or MSOs? In fact the opposite, as it favours startups and local business which has been the intent of many politicians from the outset to keep big business out .

"The CLIMB Act was expressly introduced “to permit access to community development, small business, minority development "

It mig.ht, but it's the wording that jumped out at me that I'm not sure this will be the trigger. (expressly introduced).