We are being played. In the course of a year I'm sure retail shares proportion of the float has been halved. The low sp makes it subject to easy dark pool and broker manipulation accompanied by soft and hard bashers. Phishing stoplosses placing 500 share asks and bids on etc. Part of the game money (honey)  attracts flies (really big ones.) If anyone thinks Sean Boyd will let another major steal Wallbridge without a bidding war they are wrong. The economic difference between feeding the Detour mill 1.7 gm per ton or Detour's.9 gm per ton is worth half a billion dollars a year in extra gold. I'm sure KL and Agnico already have a study on it. Blending detour's lower with Wallbridge's higher grade. As important is reserve life. Wallbridge will double easily possibly triple Detour 's reserve life. All I can do is laugh when I'm told KL will sell their 10 percent if Tony leaves the board. In the long run Sprott and the Day family will stop any cheap buyout. I bought more on Wednesday. WALLBRIDGE is the BIGGER HIGHER GRADE DETOUR GLTAL except KL