Today Bucanneer's new name is Billy Bonney. Yesterday Lejaby. Working for Anonymous the acquirer of shares since 2020 . Won't answer a simple question? .Have you ever worked for or contracted for Kirkland Lake or Agnico? YES or NO?  Bucanneer aka Billy Bonney today. This stock is so dead Bucky has been bashing it and Anonymous has been buying it steadily for two years? Bucanneer claims he's a working mining contractor majored in accounting and has studied entry level law? Is on four different boards day and night 24/7 bashing. The only pump he ever did was for the Agnico Kirkland Lake so called merger ??? NO SALE of Wallbridge please. NSR on the unexplored terrain between Detour East and Martiniere west for all existing shareholders  please. GLTAL REMAINING TAXPAYING RETAIL WALLBRIDGE SHAREHOLDERS