Mineral Resources for the Brewery Creek project are reported as of January 18, 2022.
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9. Mineral Resources are estimated using appropriate recovery rates and the following commodity prices:
a. Aljustrel mine – 3.5% zinc cut-off for Feitais, Moinho and St Joo mines and 3.0% zinc cut-off for the Estao project.
b. Antamina mine - $3.30 per pound copper, $1.18 per pound zinc, $11.11 per pound molybdenum and $25.14 per ounce silver.
c. Blackwater project – 0.2 grams per tonne gold equivalent cut-off assuming $1,400 per ounce gold and $15.00 per ounce silver.
d. Brewery Creek project – 0.37 grams per tonne gold cut-off assuming $1,500 per ounce gold...."
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22. The Rosemont mine Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves do not include the Oxide material from Rosemont or the Leach material from Copper World.
23. The Voisey’s Bay cobalt PMPA provides that effective January 1, 2021, Vale will deliver 42.4% of the cobalt production until 31 million pounds are delivered to the Company and 21.2% of cobalt production
thereafter, for the life of the mine. Attributable reserves and resources have been calculated on the 42.4% / 21.2% basis.
24. The Company’s PMPA with Panoro is an Early Deposit agreement, whereby the Company will be entitled to purchase 100% of the silver production and 25% of the gold production from the Cotabambas project until 90 million silver equivalent ounces have been delivered, at which point the stream will drop to 66.67% of silver production and 16.67% of gold production for the life of mine.
25. The Company’s PMPA with Golden Predator Exploration Ltd., a subsidiary of Sabre Gold Mines Corp., is a royalty, whereby the Company will be entitled to a 2.0% net smelter return royalty for the first 600,000 ounces of gold produced, above which the NSR will increase to 2.75%. Sabre has the right to repurchase 0.625% of the increased NSR by paying the Company Cdn$2.0M. Attributable resources have been calculated on the 2.0% / 2.75% basis.

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