XEI is my number one core ETF holding for Cdn dividend stocks. Just take a look at the holdings to see how it has a great strategic setup for the reflation trade and ecomonic recovery: Oil, Banks, Utilities (including AQN and NPI for the renewable play), and a nice handful of REITs which have been hammered but can eventually recover. XEI also holds a sliver of Inter Pipeline, so I was happy to see a little boost in the ETF this week after the Brookfield takeover bid.

They are good managers - for instance, I suddenly saw Suncor appear in the holdings this fall just weeks before it popped from the sub $20 range, so they bought in really low to play the energy trade.

Been adding to my holdings ever since it was in the $16 range and has really improved over the last 6 months. Still ~$3 below 52 week high.