Another $2 million of the liabilities has no due date and is tied to the co. paying a 5% royalty on sales with caps in place.    
lscfa wrote:

Do more DD..... $2.5 mil of the liabilities is due to the share price rising and the warrants being in the money. If the 45 million warrants are exercised the liability disappears and the co. gets $4.5 million in cash proceeds. 

October 20, 2021 - AirTest is very pleased to announce that the Company has received $655,000 from shareholders exercising 13,100,000 warrants at $.05 per share. The original warrants were part of a September 2020 Private Placement financing with a total of 25,000,000 warrants exercisable at $.05 per share. The current exercises have reduced the remaining warrants to be exercised to 11,900,000 warrants. These funds have been earmarked for inventory purchases and general working capital. The Company wishes to thank these shareholders for their continued support of the Company.


FredZarfloon wrote: A quick visit to Sedar would seem to explain why AAT doesn't post their latest fins on their web site, and why the link to the previous fins doesn't work. These guys look to be in trouble.

$700K current assets - $6.7M current liabilities - and 2Q gross profit $200K