FBedard, my friend, does not Renaud's 'few millions' to get SG into full production, suggest a continuation of the past, underfinancing/underproducing. I have the greatest respect for Renaud, and would suggest that, first, he said that 3 yrs back, that 'few million' ( 2,3, 4 ?) is likely 5,6 now, second, it was a guesstimate not an estimate, and finally, things have changed in last 3 years, gold prices up, labour shortages, tech, inability of Elder to generate sufficient $$. etc......Renaud, imo, is on board with raising the funds to unlock the value of the assets he's so successfully acquired.
We have a functioning 750 ton mill; only one in the area. Our BoD's suggest, spend the $10-15 million reqd to fill that mill to capacity, initially aiming for 30k ozs yr, then ramping up to 80kozs as we get our various assets on line ( see earlier zoom ). Profit per oz from SG should be $1000 give or take....high grade, no transport. And PRO has assets that fit perfectly with that objective, both near term and longer term.
We may well need to add mill capacity as we progress, such are the assets we have ( earlier zoom ).
I look forward to seeing a financing package that balances risk/reward for us shareholders...the sooner we move forward, the better imo.