quite a few, UEX is worse eh

BUT THE BEST MONEY MAKER will be VO and why? Well they will be spinning out their Brazilian Piedres Blanca Au plus PGMs property into new co and ALL share holders will be recieving a premium share. AND IT WILL BE VALUABLE.Because what they have in NE Brazil is a deposit already. 

And with thier deposit in NANUVIT, angliak will be all VO. 

Read the last 2 or 3 NRs and if you own ANFIELD, you cannot lose by owning VO

ALSO read the NRs for MAX, 195 m of vertical relief with averaging to 8 % Cu and 3 4 ozs/T Ag and they are about to announce a huge 25,000 m d.drill project into S.CESAR AND THE NEW URU ore body. we have never seen anything like this before and endeavour silver EDR, JUST TOOK a 5% stake in the company, they hav with the financing, 18 milllion in the bank, can be got for 69 cents/share.

finally everyone read the P.Point on the XALI GOLD ,  XGC SITE because they are about to ink deals, we hear for 3 monster JVs , CEO presenly in Switzerland and ENGLAND promoting. ALL geos who have read the power point are now all big sh holders, 8 we know of and one group bought half a million shares about a month ago. it will be 40 cents by mid summer with all the NRs pending available for 8.5 cent, and 9 if you want a lot, like 100,000 units.

Toronto, Ont