Man alive, this company moves at a snail's pace, even for old/er snails on crutches! 

Latter 2016 and this tech is still in its infantcy; C'mon AMY! Yeah, yeah, Rome and the day thing, patience is whatever, worth the wait, bugs to work out, Covid, the neighbour's dog barking all night, flat tires on a trip, rain out dates, it comes when it comes, and the blah, blah, blah excuses for lack of any tangible results in six years.

Cornflakes was "discoverd" in 1894 and patented in 1895 and boxes rolling outta the factory in less than.......six years. Tesla unveiled their Roadster prototype in 2006 and were in production by 2008 (hmm, no real issues there with all those moving parts and the such, eh). I don't know, Microsoft from the garage to profits, how long? Whatever, there are plenty of complicated inventions that have had more juice/movement than AMY within their starting phases.

It's long over due, AMY, sh^t, or get off the pot, already. At least get into the 60s so I can break even and get outta "Dodge" here.

Thanks for before, but now, it's my bad.