ANG did not state why Frank Sayer resigned. If it were for health or personal reasons they it is normal to state that so as not to spook the market. Directors resign for a reason. I think the reason may be so that he can avoid a potential conflicts of interest. Frank Sayer owns Sayer Energy Advisors and does a lot of M&A in the Canadian junior oilpatch They handle all the property dispositions for AltaCanada. If Ang was for sale and Sayer was advising the company with a fairness opinion or brokering it for a commission it would make sense for him to resign now as a director to avoid conflict of interest. A director can not also be the investment banker giving neutral fairness opinions or voting on transactions that he would get paid on. Since we have no money for drilling and can't borrow or raise any, it just makes sense to cash out now. The lands we leased are going to start expiring if someone doesn't drill them. Give everyone some liquidity and the chance to move on. Foulks must be bored sitting in the office all day watching TV and all ANG investors are frustated by now. I think there is a good chance we see a transaction in 90 days or so. Just my opinion.