11 million dollar market cap  for this company which has amazing potential at Keno 

Just the deal they just did with Allied is impressive enough  and shows that  the price per share

for Alianza is  ridiculously low.   Yes,  tax loss season was not kind to many  like this one,  and 

just the overall interest in the sector has been I would say  delibarately   ....  " dont look here "

You can see that the focus on the precious metals sector has been  turned  off  and that quiet

accumulation has been happening for months now.    It is quite simple in this business   ...  when

they want you to look here  then you should be running for the hills  and  when they are trying

to keep you disinterested  you should be buying like crazy.    Stocks like this will be looked at

in a couple of years  in awe.   Its the old  I should have  I could have  .....  but are you going to  ???