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Bullboard - Stock Discussion Forum Arht Media Inc V.ART

Alternate Symbol(s):  V.ART.W | ARHTF

ARHT Media Inc engages in the creation, transmission, and delivery of digital human hologram. The company offers HumaGrams which are interactive human holograms generated using Augmented Reality Holographic Technology (ARHT), which allows its customers to interact and conduct real-time e-commerce with consumers, as well as to provide analytics back to retailers through the platform. This platform supports various markets, such as seminars, conferences, trade shows, corporate meetings, education, and live events, and digital signages. The company's geographical segments include Canada; the United States; Europe and the Middle East; and Asia.

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Ahhh WHAT. Sounds like u know everything about everything. What were all my trades? Why are you saying I don't own any Art stock   rate and reply


Yup!. Only a people with poor trades hang around boards on stocks they dont own moaning. Big player, big economist and chartist. You're either one or the other dope. Note where the stock market more

RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:What Does Potential Market for ARHT Include?

Just bought it fool. And adding. Go rotate your quaterlys and quit bad mouthing Canada.  rate and reply

RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:What Does Potential Market for ARHT Include?

And exactly who are you again?- a mere follower, so you "followed" and held the stock all the way down to 1t5 pesos?. I forgot that this was the only stock in Canada having people that more

RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:What Does Potential Market for ARHT Include?

I’ll follow this group that has successfully built companies, which includes members that have owned sky service, received the order of Canada. But hey, you’re who again?     rate and reply


Holy fvck LOL - you write the (childish) things you write ..and tell me to be a man. WOW -  rate and reply

RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:What Does Potential Market for ARHT Include?

So you just start making shiit up now. Buy more, im sure somehow with that chart you are way ahead. Six figures up on this one baby. Hold on, hold on to your dreams  rate and reply

RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:What Does Potential Market for ARHT Include?

We get it, you bought it, you lost money on it, now you’re a financial wizard. You made a poor trade, be a man and move on.  rate and reply

RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:What Does Potential Market for ARHT Include?

And if everyone followed your "I'll take a flyer" no need to do discuss simple basic economics then you all would be eating Kraft Dinner and Hot dogs (and i would be the owner of more

RE:RE:RE:RE:What Does Potential Market for ARHT Include?

If everyone followed your textbook analysis there would be no holders of penny stocks. Stop trying to save us all.  Buy your index funds and stop wasting everyone’s time.  rate and reply

RE:RE:RE:What Does Potential Market for ARHT Include?

 Projectors and chalk boards??? You couldn't come up with a better analogy then that? The funny thing is I agree with most of you - BUT that does not mean ART is currently a good stock to more

RE:RE:What Does Potential Market for ARHT Include?

Potential is enormous, education space alone is massive. The older folks probably remember how the overheadprojectors were replacing chalkboards in classrooms. In the beginning overhead more

RE:What Does Potential Market for ARHT Include?

The market potential for ARTH is massive. Even porn alone as Max pointed out. Television for example was invented in 1927. It was not until 25 years later that TV entered the mainstream. Hoping more

RE:RE:Kremlin influencers reignite Zelenskyy “green screen” theory

It’s called recent news, multiple articles in the last few days regarding the presentation in June. Let’s try keep up. Everyone needs their hand held on SH.    rate and reply

RE:Kremlin influencers reignite Zelenskyy “green screen” theory

Not sure why you'd spread Russian propaganda, even if it's sort of a plug for art. It's chilling they are even aware of art technology. Maybe they could create a Putin doll for more

RE:they won;t let this run

Who are "they" out of curiosity and why wouldn't they want the cash? I doubt the few warrants out there at 18 will dampen any run in the stock if it's warranted. (Pun intended).  rate and reply


LOL.  rate and reply

RE:they won;t let this run

and....whom exactly are "they".  Im sure come Nov. earnings wont matter.  rate and reply

they won;t let this run

till they know the last of the 18 cent warrents expire as they don;t want dumping of them in the low 20s to dampen a run...we are almost there with expiry Nov  rate and reply