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Bullboard - Stock Discussion Forum Arht Media Inc V.ART

Alternate Symbol(s):  ARHTF | V.ART.W

ARHT Media Inc engages in the creation, transmission, and delivery of digital human hologram. The company offers HumaGrams which are interactive human holograms generated using Augmented Reality Holographic Technology (ARHT), which allows its customers to interact and conduct real-time e-commerce with consumers, as well as to provide analytics back to retailers through the platform. This platform supports various markets, such as seminars, conferences, trade shows, corporate meetings, education, and live events, and digital signages. The company's geographical segments include Canada; the United States; Europe and the Middle East; and Asia.

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RE:RE:RE:NATO training tec fair starts today!

Oh there's too much there I can't read it all but Yup ur absolutely right, I have pizzed away all my previous gains and can't believe it happened  As u have stated often, and now more

RE:RE:NATO training tec fair starts today!

There are many differences that separates us, but when it comes to trading, i'm an investor and you are a trader! Go and google the difference by yourself. There are tons of books written more

Imagine Lithium Identifies a New Drilling Target Located Near Flagship Jackpot Property

J.C. St-Amour, President of Imagine commented, "This newly discovered area demonstrates the prospectivity of our very large land package. The team is very excited to test this newly identified zone. There is some ground cover in this area, so there is excellent potential for expansion of this dike along strike as well as potential for additional dikes in this area. The grab sample grades suggest it is a well mineralized dike that we intend to drill test in 2023." more

RE:NATO training tec fair starts today!

I find the only difference between you and I is; you choose to find a company then invest and then sit around and wish and HOPE for something great to happen and all the while your capitol is more

Arht Media tec at 40th Hong Kong Film Awards!

Just found this, 3 days old:   Also found a snapshot from a monitor of that capture session, showing an Arht Media logo, so more

NATO training tec fair starts today!'s about time to get a big multiyear NATO deal signed Larry! It's been in the making for a while, this week Capsule can be demonstrated to all NATO members, hopefully we see a more


LOL - he's just a puppet on the end of my strings  rate and reply


Hmm once again he's ignoring me correct? But knows where and when I post? BTW he bought Corus a few years ago  Now put the corus chart next to Arht's and it appears this pro is a more


If you are still reading the spew from arthole, take a look at the corus board. I bought some a month ago or so and low and behold some sleazy basher appeared and guess who showed up all puckered more


the bunfight continues.....such fun. Meanwhile, our ART is moving forward. Missing, a 'killer application' for the tec. Not missing, solid verticals which are a'building.....  rate and reply


Your absolutely welcome - fvckface (another $450.00)  combined with my shorts I got planned for today for another $1500 will make it a good day for me     rate and reply


more than you have made holding tight to Arht's stock for the last three years and WATCHING it go from a buck to 20 pesos   Keep up the good work Flog    rate and reply

RE:Shithead - The bullshitting basher/ looser

that appears to be very antagonist, and comes from a person whom is miserable, definitely angry having the word bullshite continuously coming from his mouth like the diarrhea, like a dickhead more


Keep up the good work flog!!! Thousands of posts not one to do with Arht  - and I'm the angry one?     rate and reply


You forgot rolling in cash, and ready to deploy it again. Keep up the good work Flog   rate and reply

RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:You Arht-isan's Eyes Wide Shut

LOL synth - you just made my point. You ignore any of those questions and statements. I am the happiest angry guy there is, so your wrong on that as well.  rate and reply

RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:You Arht-isan's Eyes Wide Shut

Lol sorry Sunset, too much words to read through (which clearly shows you need a walk at fresh air, or a beer at a pub, or what ever calms you much anger in your wording). But to at more

RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:You Arht-isan's Eyes Wide Shut

Thanks for your concern about my life  It has become evident to all, you will not, or can not answer any of the tough questions (like my last few) about the company and now need to resort more

RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:You Arht-isan's Eyes Wide Shut

Lol get a life Sunset...and work on your anger issues. It makes absolutely makes no sense discussing with you. Are you actually invested currently? Or is it a hobby from you visiting boards more

RE:RE:RE:RE:You Arht-isan's Eyes Wide Shut

Most important sentence to YOU was  "l love the tech" I need a lot more than that one sentence from a flake. Remember a few years ago when he had much more enthusiasm for the stock more