Whether you look at the gold price or the silver price or the  HUI,   GDX,  GDXJ,  XAU,  etc.  every

one of the precious metals indicators is saying we are just starting to lift off for what should

be one absolutely breathtaking wave up in the metal prices and more so the precious metals 

stocks.  It has been a painful year of consolidation   ....  not so painful if you were in it from the

first wave up  ...  but it has set itself up for one hell of a ride for the people getting in right now.

Below is a 10 year  weekly  chart on Brixton.   We are about to take off  and Brixton will reach

the 10 year previous highs and then some.   Absolute no brainer to accumulate like mad right

here before this and many others take off for good.

C : BBB - Brixton Metals Corporation - Technical  3 mo  6 mo  1 yr  2 yr  3 yr  5 yr  10 yr  15 yr  20 yr

Simple Moving Avg (30) ——Simple Moving Avg (90) ——