.... without Henrich and Sage, lets do a sentiment check. 

How do you rate the latest PP?

Because we know roughly where they are: They are mining the Big Dog zone and are not depleting the stockpile. The most recent drill result show the zones where to get ore and which ones should remain for structural support. We are roughly in the range of 70-100 bags of concentrate, so 200 more to go (speculation). We know that as soon as Payette opens up, everything will go quicker. We know that the PP was 1.2 million and a burn rate of 500 000 per month would last 2 and a half month. Was the PP made to last until completion of the cocnentrate production to cash flow? Silver prices could increase nicely until end of the year giving a nice bonus?

To be clear: All of the above is more or less speculation

Is the PP bad?
Mining not economic? Not fast enough? Sorter to expensive? GO taking advantage of the PP?

Please, everybody must have an opinion. So, lets go........ would you participate in the PP for a nice gain or not wast money?  

Hehe, looking forward to your opinions.