I've got a large position already but am adding 10k pieces, especially at this level. I saw a large block available last week (1.5 million) but it's either getting pieced out or is hidden. Really impressed by BTCW's recent personnel additions - CFO and IR both worked for much larger companies (Neo Financial, Nexen, ATCO etc). I see they've just updated their presentation (available on corporate website).

There's been a significant lack of news (releases and press coverage) for quite a few months apart from the addition of personnel. I suspect this will change soon enough. Also, I understand they're going to spend more time telling their story to the investment community - something that has been woefully lacking since the IPO.

This is a long-term hold for me. They're already #2 in Canada with their BTC ATMs and have stated big plans to multiply that this year (and expand in the US). I think the more interesting thing is what they're doing on the Saas (software as a service) side of things. They haven't provided details yet in this regard. Compare BTCW's market cap and revenue to others and this too may give new and current investors comfort with this stock.