OH MY goo ! Fruit . Are u serious ? 50MM ? And you ask heystu ? You havent been paying attention have you ? HA ! 25 MM . And what was that trucking cost per ton again vs what you screamed it was for years on end ?
Fruit , you do not listen to any interviews do you . You are here to misdirect bring up half truths lies and distorts . Arent you ?

Readers fruit knows nothing but how to cast doom and false gloom . BTR is a MONSTER . We told you all to buy Wesdome at $ 2 . 50 per share cando right here . Went to $ 16 . oo in 2 years . WHY ?

ONE REASON ! M . A . P . And he is now OUR CEO AT BTR . WE have a WESDOME 2 and if you want to pass it by please do . FRUIT has .

Fruit will tout that he avoided a big down in BTR stock . Good for him . BUT HE WILL NEVER accumulate what we have at our average . EVER . We are red with  free MAG SILVER
Because of MTO / BTR . We own a lot and you will neverr get as much fruit . Never . Which means you will never win like us .

And dont start the troll argument you bought other winners . We have 50 other winners all announced here before they moved . So we will wait for BTR .