Commander although somewhat obscure,  in this haystack of penny explorers and project

generators,  is on the radar of some more savvy investors.   The stock was down in the .11 cent

range over tax loss season but immediately has taken off and sits at .17 cents as I am writing this.

For a company worth about 6 or 7 million dollars in market cap they have an absolutely stellar

range of projects with some very interesting companies they are tied into.    Building a position

here in my opinion will be rewarded very very handsomely.   Rick Rule recently scored it a 5 out

of ten  and for any of you familiar with his scoring system the score of 5 is exremely high 

outscoring companies like Sokoman,  and being the equivalent score of a Wallbridge.  Do not get

me wrong here  ...  I am not saying Commander is Wallbridge   ...  what I am saying is from a

valuation point of view  this company is extremely cheap for what it has and the potential that

this will be a multi bagger is probable in my opinion.